Since 2012, Blake Hinds has managed East Coast Property Management located in Boston, Massachusetts. In this position, he deals with payroll, hiring employees, and managing property. Among the types of properties managed by Blake Hinds are more than 150 units in the Boston area as well as several in New York, New Hampshire, and Florida. In addition, he helped convert numerous commercial properties into high-end condominiums located in Boston.

Blake Hinds strives to stay up-to-date with changes made within the construction and real estate industries. A graduate of Medfield High School’s 2011 class, he continued his education by attending nearby Boston College.

Dedicated to helping others in his community, he supports several nonprofit organizations including Backpacks for Life, which provides homeless veterans with backpacks full of toiletries, reusable waters bottles, and other supplies; the Waltham Boys and Girls Club, which is based out of Waltham, Massachusetts, and inspires young people to realize their full potential; and Forever Home Rescue New England, which saves the lives of dogs through adoption. He also helps with Christmas in the City, which is a volunteer-supported organization that provides holiday magic and memories to Boston-area families.